TFT Travels: A Wine Trail in Whisky Country

Scotland may not be known for it, but we managed to have incredible wine every single day of our trip. How? You start the evening with wine and end it with whisky.


It is indeed strange that I should be writing about wine while visiting Scotland, but then such good experiences should be shared.


What makes drinking wine more enjoyable on my trips to Scotland is that one sits down for dinner at 7pm and enjoys a good meal with a bottle of wine, and thereafter ends up having their national drink – the whisky.


This wine trail started at The Rivershouse in Inverness with a bottle of Finca Manzanos Tempranillo 2016 from Pioja, Spain. Light, a good balance between dry and sweet with a pleasant bouquet.


Next was a Shiraz from Thistledown of Australia – Cunning Plan Langhorne Creek 2014 at the Rocpool, Inverness. A sweeter wine, but full bodied with low acidity and rich colour. The palate was full of flavours of berries.


The Mustard Seed, Inverness recommended a Bobal from Murviedro Cepas Viejas. This was an interesting wine because it tasted sweet on the first sip and dry as it moved to the back of the tongue. It appeared more purple than red, but that could just be the dark lighting.


We also ordered another excellent wine – a Priorat Liodana 2014 from Catalunya. An extremely drinkable wine with all the right characteristics. Or maybe I was too drunk by this point.


The next day started with a Portuguese wine as recommended by the sommelier at The Lochgreen Hotel, Troon. Blood red with a taste of blackcurrant, this was a dry wine called Mar Da Palha Tinto 2009. An excellent pairing with our equally fine meal.



At the Highgrove House, it was my first experience of drinking a carmenere. The Santa Ema Reserva 2014 was a medium bodied, easy to drink with subtle flavours.


The worst wine of the trail paired with an equally bad meal was the Botter Chianti Classico at The Checchini’s, Prestwick. Avoid it if you ever come across it.


We did however make up at the Scott’s with a view of the Troon harbour the next day. Interlaced with negronis, was the Beronia Tempranillo Reserva 2012. Dry with a fruity aroma, it had a sweet aftertaste.


An excellent end to our wine trail in whisky country.