Gurgaon’s Food Truck Haven

What started out as one or two trucks is now a legitimate street of food trucks offering all kinds of cuisine at different price points. They’re creatively designed with attention to detail, and are clearly catering to sudden success.

This is one concept Delhi needs to learn from Gurgaon (sorry, Gurugram) – a Food Truck Park. A convoy of 20 odd trucks parked serving a wide variety of food, drinks (albeit only non-alcoholic) and desserts. The feast started at The Rolling Kitchen with a Cheese Manakeesh (a Lebanese pizza of sorts).


The cheese was full of flavour although the base is soft so don’t expect it to be like thin crust pizza. Ordered along with was a Nutella Banana Waffle from Waffle Chowk.


The waffle itself was not too sweet so it complemented the sweetness of the ice-cream, banana and Nutella topping. A crisp outer with a soft inner made it a perfectly made waffle – a must try.


Then there was Thirsty Bird which served mocktails.


We moved onto Oh Buoy for Masala Chaap – very tender and well marinated but slightly under cooked. We finally stopped at Traffic Stopper to order Pav Bhaji and Crispy Honey Chill Cottage Cheese (without the honey though), both very well liked.


The Chur Chur Naan with Chole from 3 and Half was a bit of a disappointment. While the Butter Garlic Mushroom Rissoto from What the Fork was delightfully creamy with the generous olives and mushrooms providing the flavours.


There was some Chinese ordered from Me Kong Bowl and Something Saucy as well as Thupka and Momos from another truck. All had a distinct character and taste which was appreciated. The night ended at Tongue Twisters for ice-creams.


The baked Alaska was more a Casatta but the choclate based ice-creams were all wonderful. The concept provides for a wonderful and affordable experience away from the regular brick and mortar outlets. If only the administration can provide better seating and garbage disposal, this has the potential of becoming a global showcase at par with all those outdoor food courts we see so often in Europe and elsewhere.


Glad to see that the food trucks have moved from the main road of leisure valley to the massive parking lot nearby. This spot has become a nice microcosm for all kinds of street food, almost like an open air food court.


Offers tons of choice. Some of the trucks are very creatively designed.


I recommend the lamb kebab from What the Fork. We also ordered a plate of risotto from What the Fork. Wasn’t bad at all!


Certainly better than some of the restaurants who act very prissy about it!


The whole atmosphere at the food truck square was so inviting and uplifting, that one felt cheered up. My favourites of the night were the cheese manakeesh from The Rolling Kitchen, the honey chilli paneer from Traffic Stopper and the banana toffee waffles from Waffle Chowk.


I loved how much effort had been put into the appearance of the trucks.


And the creative names . . .



When you see a whole row of inviting trucks and food, it does tempt you more!


So many more to try. Next time.


They definitely need better systems of waste disposal though; the garbage bins are overflowing with street doggies trying to sample the disposed food. There is also a camel ride that goes right in front of the trucks – I have no idea why anyone thinks this is appropriate or needed? But then you also have candy floss on a bicycle wheeling around between the trucks to make up for it. Gurgaon life.


Visit the food trucks at 19-20 Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29, Gurgaon 122007. Open all days from 6pm to 12pm.