Cookbook Testing: ‘An Indian Sense of Salad: Eat Raw, Eat More’ by Tara Deshpande Tennebaum

Salad is something that can be hit or miss but An Indian Sense of Salad makes it look delicious while being healthy. More importantly, it stresses on easily available, local Indian ingredients. Of course we had to give it a go!


In the Kitchen with Suchali’s Artisan Bakehouse

We spent a morning in the kitchen with croissant queen Suchali Jain and it was wonderful.


TFT Travels: A Wine Trail in Whisky Country

Scotland may not be known for it, but we managed to have incredible wine every single day of our trip. How? You start the evening with wine and end it with whisky.


Food + Concepts + Experiences at Hey!Pulp

A chat with 'Hey!Pulp' founder Sunayna S on creativity, the impact of design on food, and what Shakespeare ate for breakfast.


TFT Travels: Le Grande Epicerie de Paris

This grande dame of the gourmet grocery world left us floored. And waiting to pay her another visit.


Gayatri Narang: Founder & Gelato Maker at Minus 30

Gelato queen Gayatri Narang knows more about gelato than you would believe, and it shows in every bite of her delicious, high quality creations. Dream up a gelato flavour, she'll make your dream come true and have it delivered to your doorstep.


Shilpa Arora, ND: Nutritionist and Lover of Food

Besides her doctorate in Natural Medicine, one look at macrobiotic health coach Shilpa Arora and you believe what she's advocating: eating good food is key to a good life.


Meet Deeba Rajpal, Food Stylist Extraordinaire

Food & prop stylist, recipe developer and food writer Deeba Rajpal is a lady with vision. With 30.3K followers on Instagram, it's easy to understand why her beautiful, evocative imagery strikes a chord with people across the globe.


A Few Good Cookbooks Vol. 2

This cookbook roundup features three cookbooks from Indian chefs that you need to get your paws on, whether to cook from or read in bed at night. There's some bread mania, Executive Chef insights & wholesome, nutritional eating. You want the truth? You can handle the truth.


‘Purple Foodie’ and her Charmed, Gourmet Life

The creator of the delicious and widely read 'Purple Foodie' blog, Shaheen Peerbhai talks to us about culinary school, why Paris is foodie heaven, how differently Europeans and Indians eat, and what it feels like to work with the world's best chefs.


TFT Travels: Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

It's a stunning property with exemplary service, and yes, you can see the Taj from almost every window.


Brownie Points for Kainaz Messman of Theobroma

With Theobroma opening in the NCR this weekend, we chatted with its founder & head of production, Kainaz Messman Harchandrai, on brownies, business and her journey in the food industry.


TFT Travels: Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

The home of HH Narendra Singhji in Bikaner opened its doors to the public a few months ago. The beautifully decorated spaces, exceptional hospitality and delicious food made it a truly memorable weekend getaway.


TFT Travels: Peller Estates Winery Tour

Ice wine is a Canadian specialty, and Peller Estates one of its most acclaimed makers. We visited the scenic vineyard to learn more about their famous wine.


New & Exciting Grocery Store Finds

Some new (for us maybe) and exciting (for all of us hopefully) Indian-made things we found on the grocery store shelves this week.


New Year’s Eve Cocktails with Yangdup Lama

We went to our favourite bar, Cocktails and Dreams, and learnt from bartender extraordinaire Yangdup Lama how to recreate three of his incredible New Year’s Eve cocktails. They’re delicious, easy to make, and just the right amount of fancy to bring in 2017. Here's to a very happy new year!


Family Guest Post: ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly . . . and Eat Dessert

A good dessert can make my heart skip a beat, bring a smile to my face, make my eyes flutter and brighten up my mood. And when it’s Christmas, you just have to take it up a notch. Because Santa said so! He also said to share the love, or maybe the dessert? I don’t remember, I...


Matteo Luxardo & the ‘Ferrari of Candied Cherries’

The 200-year-old Italian Luxardo brand has been called the 'gold standard' for maraschino liqueur and cherries. You know that if a bar is serving Luxardo cherries, it's doing some high quality cocktails. We had the pleasure of a chat with Matteo Luxardo himself.


Coffee Brewing Workshop with Blue Tokai

I've grown up with a mother who always had a fridge full of different kinds of coffee beans, who ground them diligently in small batches and laid emphasis on a 'fresh' brew. I assumed that doing the same made me somewhat legit in the coffee world. That was until I took the brewing workshop...


If You Love Food You Have to Read This

Food policy analyst Taarini Chopra helps us understand why the way we buy, eat and think about food has consequences for our health, our environment, livelihoods, and how it very immediately impacts our lives. If we intend to live and eat on this planet, this is information we all should have.

The Family Table - TGC4

The Travelling Gin Company

This London based pop-up drinks project by Ed Godden and Joe Lewis will bring you the best gin and tonics you'll ever have, all from the back of very chic bicycles.


A Few Good Cookbooks Vol. 1

For the cookbookworms that read them in bed, get excited by new recommendations and collect offbeat ones - five cookbooks that I've been enjoying of late. You want the truth? You can handle the truth.


TFT Travels: Eataly, NYC

'Italy is Eataly' as the sign above the door said proudly. This lively Italian marketplace/food haven near the iconic NYC Flatiron building did not disappoint.


Family Finds: E-tailing, Soya Bacon, Gouda and Chips

The simple and not so simple pleasures we've been enjoying of late.