Gayatri Narang: Founder & Gelato Maker at Minus 30

Gelato queen Gayatri Narang knows more about gelato than you would believe, and it shows in every bite of her delicious, high quality creations. Dream up a gelato flavour, she’ll make your dream come true and have it delivered to your doorstep.

What made you start making ice cream? Are you trained professionally or is this a hobby that turned into a business?

I have always loved being in and around the kitchen. My mum {illustrious food consultant and writer Preah Narang} is a trained Cordon Bleu chef, and so from a very young age we have been exposed to exquisite food and flavours. Ice-cream has always been a weakness, and for me nothing beats my mum’s homemade chocolate ice-cream. After graduating from University I came back to India and worked for about 6 years. I needed a change and always knew eventually I would do something for myself. Food has always been a space I wanted to explore, and ice-creams seemed a great starting point. I have trained professionally at the Carpigiani University In Bologna for 6 weeks. I also did an internship there to gain experience in what it takes to run a successful gelateria.


Would you call Minus 30 ice cream or gelato?



Where have you had the best ice cream of your life? What flavour was it?

In Italy of course! It was during my course, at the Carpigiani University Gelateria – nothing beats their White Coffee Gelato infused with Vanilla Bean.


How do you come up with the flavours? Your favourite at Minus 30?

My flavours are researched and inspired. Also, I love working with fruit that’s in season so at the moment my favourite is my Honey-Plum Sorbet.


How important is it to source ingredients locally?

My base ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar are all sourced locally. However all my flavours are imported. I am yet to come across a home-grown brand which delivers the same flavour consistency and intensity as brands in Italy.

What would be the perfect ice cream sundae?

A scoop of french vanilla, coffee and Belgian chocolate, topped with roasted almonds and a hot salted caramel sauce.


Something you want us to know about Minus 30?

It’s all handmade by me until it goes into the machine!


Why does Minus 30 have a clear conscience?

We try our hardest to be preservative free! All the products we use are of the best quality, hence each scoop has a clear conscience. We don’t believe in compromise!


Would you ever consider adapting Indian flavours into your ice cream?

Yes, I have. In fact I have done a “kesar-pista” gelato for PVR Cinemas, which has done extremely well. Am working on an Indian Inspired range for Diwali!

Your thoughts on savoury ice cream?

Absolutely delicious and something that the Indian Palette has to get used to.


A food trend you wish would go away?

I would say a dessert trend I wish would go away is any dessert that is over-sweet. I feel we as Indians love sugar, however after training in Italy I realised that extra sweet and extra sugar takes away from the actual flavour.

Your favourite local place for ice cream?

My kitchen!


If it’s time for gelato, call Minus 30 at +9198710 28888 or email them at