Lunch at À Ta Maison

A visit to ATM means entering a world of butlers, chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, award winning drinks, soothing plush interiors and of course, a palpable sense of privilege. Luckily now, non-members can come enjoy its great food and drink.

A visit to this old favourite with a new menu and chef was long overdue. With their excellent mixology skills and bar inventory, it’s almost criminal not to order a cocktail, so Moscow Mule it was. Served perfectly with a slice of cucumber and in a copper mug, it set the mood for a long and lazy lunch.


The Burrata with truffle croutons and maraschino cherries did not dissappoint. The Truffle Fries were bit different to what they normally serve, but crisp and excellently done nevertheless.


The Parmesan Ravioli with Black Pepper foam was ordered for the main. Even the foam had a flavour. The ravioli had a creamy parmesan filling which hit the right balance with subtle pepperiness.


Dessert was a dark choclate cremoux, which tasted excellent but could have been a bit darker, and richer for me.


Now that ATM is open to non-members too, I highly recommend a visit.

Whenever we’ve wanted a real treat from Rax, we’ve asked him to take us to his club, ATM. In all these years, it has never disappointed and this lunch was no different.


This burrata cannot be missed. It is the creamiest, tastiest burrata, served with rocket leaves, truffled bread and maraschino cherries. Paired beautifully with my Mango Bellini.


My hand cut tagliatelle with morels and porcini was a tad too bland for me, though I normally enjoy anything starring these two mushrooms. The spaghetti aglio olio that a friend ate, however, was packed with flavour.


And what a space to dine in, always very quiet, private and great service.


I loved the dark chocolate cremoux, just the perfect balance between dark, bitter chocolate and sweet vanilla cream. ATM is a great option for a meal out if you’re a fan of European fare, and don’t mind spending (rates are almost double for non-members) for the rarified atmosphere.


The Tenderloin Carpaccio came highly recommended by our waiter as a starter. Haven’t seen this much on menus so I have to confess – I didn’t know what to expect. Well, it was superb. The thin slice of tenderloin looks sparse but packs a lot of flavour once combined with the rucola leaves and parmesan cheese. Worth trying wherever you encounter it next, and definitely at ATM.


Decided on the Spaghetti Bolognese served with grilled artichoke as I was having a meat craving. It was nicely made, but lacked the punch and memorability I associate with a good bolognese sauce.


ATM is a really interesting space located in a pristine part of town. The entry is from a backplane of Sundernagar market. Entering it feels very private, clandestine even! After climbing up to the restaurant you are greeted by a very well-stocked bar. They also have a terrace with a very cosy sunroom. On cloudy days and in winter, it’s a perfect spot for lounging and catching up over drinks. There are a few other sections, best discovered yourself rather than revealed here. All I can say is that I felt very gentlemanly and Delhi needs more such spaces.


Visit À Ta Maison at 21, 1st Floor, Sunder Nagar Market, Behind HDFC Bank, Sunder Nagar, New Delhi. Call them at +91 9821868288.