Burma on my Mind

Forget the humble khao suey, thanks to Burma Burma a new, delicious world of Burmese food has taken centre stage. And it’s all vegetarian.

I am often looking through a rather short vegetarian selection when I dine out in the NCR, so the completely vegetarian menu at Burma Burma was a pleasant surprise. The attention to detail is evident right from the decor to the design of chopstick holders. I started my meal with the refreshing ‘Oh No Tamarind’ drink, a tangy coconut-enhanced tamarind cooler.


Following this was the salad sampler –  the raw mango salad is amongst the best I’ve had, though the tea leaf salad was good too. The corn cakes packed in the flavour, the accompanying dipping sauces elevating them further. The steamed masala buns were filled with a Burmese salsa, also very enjoyable. My favourite dish of the meal was the Burmese Fried rice, beautifully fragrant and flavourful. This paired with the spicy vegetable curry was perfection. I didn’t feel the need to indulge in the samuza kari (a curry with samosa in it) because it tasted . . . unremarkable, especially for such an exciting name. Desserts were average, the Tagu Pyian (coconut milk jelly with a jaggery filling) being the more exciting option of the two. The Red Velvet Chocolate Jar (why did we even bother?) was overtly sweet and far from velvety.


Service was attentive and pleasant throughout. Kudos to the brains behind this restaurant, because we left happy and full, meat preferences a non-issue. I would definitely go back for a meal, and suggest you do too.

Finally, someone thought of vegetarians too. A bold venture for NCR that has a great decor, food, presentation, taste and service. An extensive menu which provides a variety of choice. For me, the food was a pleasant suprise because it married the palates of India and the South East Asian cuisines. The Kafir Lime cooler was a great start on a hot day. The salad sampler had this raw mango salad which was excellent. I didnt care much for the Tea Leaf salad because it had a bitter aftertaste. The corn fritters were crisp and the masala buns were an intersting mix of bland and spicy. The Burmese Rice looked like a pulao but tasted quite different and mixed well with the spicy curry.


The Samuza Kari was a dal soup with samosa (apparently a street food of Burma) which was delightfully spicy and eclectic.


The Tagu Pyian dessert was a little bland for my taste. A reasonable and recommended visit especially for all vegetarians and those who can skip meat once in a while.

Burma Burma was a very pleasant surprise. The atmosphere is inviting, and you can see the attention to detail all over. The service was great, with the staff checking in on us just the right amount. My favourite was raw mango salad, closely followed by the curry with the Burmese fried rice.


Our whole meal was light, and fresh and very tasty. Desserts were disappointing, but its perhaps because our Indian palettes are too attuned to high amounts of sugar. As a non-vegetarian I didn’t miss meat. I would highly recommend Burma Burma to anyone looking to try something different.

Burma Burma, Building No 8, Tower C, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub , DLF Cyber City , DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002