International House of Pancakes is Here

. . . and despite some teething issues, serving up great pancakes.

IHOP Cyber Hub opens at 8am (much publicised) which is great because you can catch breakfast and still make it to work on time, or so we thought. The Cyber Hub parking lot however, in an ingenious ploy to dissuade morning customers, opens only at 9am. If you make the mistake of driving to an early IHOP brekky you’ll have to kill time in your car till 9am. Didn’t set the right tone for our meal, but breakfast we must.


An assortment of syrups to go with your pancakes, we voted Old Fashioned and Butter Pecan the best. There was also Strawberry, not seen here.


Pretty pleased with my Americano; I like strong coffee with breakfast. I was also quite surprised to see ‘concentrated cow milk’ pods on the side – very American with all the unnecessary packaging. The fresh orange juice was yum.


The chocolate chip pancake, with whipped cream. Delicious – fluffy, light and generous with the chips. It didn’t have that synthetic aftertaste that restaurant pancakes sometimes have. Have to mention that the whipped cream was really whipped cream, not the fake hyper-white stuff we’re normally served. A big thumbs up from me.


The Original Buttermilk Pancake, which we drowned in butter and Old Fashioned syrup (maple syrup). Also really good with just the right amount of chewiness.

The service is polite but slow, though I suppose that’s what you get when you try a place the day it opens. You can’t fault the IHOP pancakes and waffles, that’s for sure – they tasted great.

IHOP – the newest breakfast place in the NCR and of course we had to be there. The buttermilk pancakes drizzled with a choice of four syrups are probably the best in town – soft, fluffy and fresh.


The Berries & Cream Belgian waffle was not overly sweet and the fresh strawberries and cream added a welcome flavour.


The Veggie Sampler platter (mozzarella sticks, grilled veggies and hash browns with two buttermilk pancakes) and toast could be given a miss.


The Mushroom, Spinach and Tomato Omelette with hollandaise sauce and the French Toast were both well made, but I skipped them as I wasn’t in the mood for anything eggy.

Do visit IHOP – if you enjoy pancakes and waffles, this one’s for you.

International House of Pancakes, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. Call them at 0124-4192390.