Our family has always loved talking about food, but only this generation knew how to set up a website, so here we are. We aren’t critics and have no formal culinary education, but we’ve always been surrounded by great cooks and food, and we actively seek it out as well. The Family Table is our way of celebrating eating together, whether it be at home or at a restaurant. We have different choices (vegetarians/meat eaters/fussy eaters/fish lovers) and palettes so our opinions on the same meal are always unique! We want to share with you restaurants, people, recipes, books and everything else that excites us from the world of food and drink. All content, including photographs, is original unless otherwise mentioned.

Thanks for sitting at the table with us.

I enjoy the whole experience of dining out. I can’t pick favourite foods anymore, there’s too much to choose from. I’m lucky to know incredible cooks – the pleasure of eating something made with love by a great cook, especially for you, is unmatched. I’m vegetarian, and look forward to my coffee.

I relish fish in all forms, but sashimi is definitely my favourite. I love mutton korma with khameeri roti from Jama Masjid in old Delhi, but nothing beats good old kadhi chaawal. I’ll take dessert no matter what time of day. Good food should be shared (especially if you ordered something nicer than me).

Cake is my first love. There is nothing quite as delightful as a perfect piece of cake. To me food is about the experience of eating. You probably won’t catch me on the street devouring anything – but fantastic food coupled with some ambience and polite service, I’ll be back every week! Who knows, maybe even more.

I’m an adventurous carnivore. I can polish off a plate of chhole bhature in under five minutes. I’m as happy eating in the streets as I am in a Michelin starred restaurant. ‘Taste’ wins all in my book. I’m still in the pursuit of the perfect seekh kebab.

I appreciate how food has so many memories associated with it. I learnt to cook out of necessity when I lived by myself overseas. This phase piqued my interest in food. I’m vegetarian, and prefer street food to fine dining (though I’ll try anything once), and tapas to a three course meal because, as they say, variety is the spice of life.