Healthy + Delicious at Cafe Shunya

This charming 15 seater cafe serves tasty, wholesome food – even the pizzas, burgers and fries are local, seasonal and good for you.

If a place serves ‘healthy’, ‘local’, ‘seasonal’, ‘green’, ‘creative’, ‘wholesome’ food, I’m immediately drawn to it. Case in point, our dinner at the lovely Cafe Shunya.


Interesting photography on the walls and the smell of freshly brewed coffee (Sleepy Owl) welcomed us in.


Love when a menu card has only vegetarian options – also love when it’s beautifully designed. Full marks to the graphic designer!


A tisane (caffeine-free herbal tea) made of dried wild apple, hibiscus, rose-hip, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, rose and citrus peel. It tasted of each one of these ingredients, while also being delicate and refreshing.


‘The Zen Cleanse’ salad, made of everything that is good for a human, including avocado, kale, cabbage, zucchini, barley, cashews, pumpkin and black sesame seeds in a hung curd dressing.


To balance out the superfood salad we got a burger and fries. Except the burger was made of jackfruit and had an avocado slaw with roasted cashews, and the fries were made of sweet potato.


Thin crust pizza topped with squash, feta, jeera and onion. We enjoyed the flavour combination and lightness of it. Of course, we had to end the meal with the dish Cafe Shunya is known for, homestyle buttermilk waffles. We topped ours with chocolate chips, chocolate ganache and banana and were not disappointed.


Everything tasted great and we felt so healthy and holy that we picked up some Amaranth Chocolate Gajjak and Coconut Chocolate Flaxseed Laddoos for later.


Cafe Shunya is worth a visit, especially if you feel like going out for a good meal but don’t want to compromise on eating healthy. We’ll definitely be going back.

Cafe Shunya, 115, 1st Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon. Call them at 0124-4072555.