Sharmaji ke Garam aur Swachh Chhole Kulche

What’s not to love about a fresh, tasty meal you don’t have to break the bank for?

After a friend’s recommendation and knowing my mother’s fondness for Matra-Kulcha, I decided to get some for a weekend lunch. The humble outlet (pretty much the back of a cycle) in Defence Colony consisted of a ‘peepa’ with piping hot chhole, not quite the dry matra I was expecting, but white channa in a gravy served with 2 kulchas, pickle, onions and a chutney. The channa gravy had well balanced spice to it, with the tangy chutney added for heat. According to my father this is how they used to be made and sold in Punjab in the yesteryears. ₹30 a plate makes for a rather flavoursome, pocket-friendly meal so give Sharmaji a visit! Sharmaji ke Chhole Kulche 9313780124