A Few Good Cookbooks Vol. 1

For the cookbookworms that read them in bed, get excited by new recommendations and collect offbeat ones – five cookbooks that I’ve been enjoying of late. You want the truth? You can handle the truth.



America’s Test Kitchen is known for meticulous recipe testing and foolproof cookbooks. This book is no exception – it’s easy to navigate, and the images look exactly like how the dish will turn out. It’s my go-to when trying to use up pantry ingredients creatively, and this 2015 edition is perfect for the modern vegetarian. Publisher: America’s Test Kitchen


We all have that aunt, the one who bakes ridiculously well, and always wonders why we pay so much for birthday cakes when we can just make them at home. Consider this book a way to become that expert baker aunt. It’s got inviting, easy to use recipes, and the layout and images are gorgeous. Publisher: Kyle Books


This inspiring book by Peter Miller, of renowned Peter Miller Books in Seattle, makes a strong case for lunch and is a primer for eating well at work. It beautifully details Miller’s own experiences as a bookshop owner and how the ‘lunch break’ changed the spirit of his colleagues and the atmosphere at the store. While we’re used to eating a fairly healthy, wholesome working lunch in India, this well written book is still a good reminder to pause and take in the world, and those we share it with. Of course, the recipes and photographs look delicious. Publisher: Abrams Image

cookbooks-thefamilytable4cookbooks-thefamilytable1Stuart Walton is known for fantastic cocktail making books – and this one is no exception. It’s got recipes for all manner of libations, and is a handy guide for those that like to experiment with something new at happy hour. Publisher: Hermes House

cookbooks-thefamilytable8cookbooks-thefamilytable6This cookbook feels like a family heirloom, and it is in a way. It took popular demand in 1974 for Moosewood restaurant owner Molly Katzen to convert her much loved recipes into a hand-written, hand-drawn book, which is how it’s published even today. It’s been voted one of the top ten bestselling cookbooks of all time by the New York Times, and was named to the Cookbook Hall of Fame by James Beard in 2007. Basically, just buy it if you see it. Publisher: Ten Speed Press