Meet Deeba Rajpal, Food Stylist Extraordinaire

Food & prop stylist, recipe developer and food writer Deeba Rajpal is a lady with vision. With 30.3K followers on Instagram, it’s easy to understand why her beautiful, evocative imagery strikes a chord with people across the globe.


What attracts you to an image?

The aesthetics and depth of an image are two things I really get drawn to. That includes the composition, the light, the colour palette and most importantly that the image has a soul. It might be a most perfect image but if it lacks a soul, it has no meaning for me.


How did you get into photography/styling?

I think I merely followed my passion, and the rest gradually followed. I have a long way to go, yet there is nothing I enjoy more.


What is your favourite prop out of everything in your arsenal?

Such a tough choice. Think that might be my copper from Old Delhi.


The most creative substitute for the real thing that you’ve used or seen being used while styling? (For example, mashed potatoes to depict ice cream at a recent photoshoot really impressed us!)



You have such a beautiful Instagram feed, where do you get your daily inspiration from?

Thank you so much. I get my inspiration from seasons, fresh produce, nature, things I see every day, the internet, anything actually. These days I get a load of it from Instagram and Pinterest too.


Someone whose work you really admire?

Australian food stylist and writer Donna Hay.


How important is it for an image to look perfect versus look real, in your opinion?

Real is what matters for me. I don’t really care much for perfect because perfect holds little meaning for me. It’s the imperfections that bring warmth and a connect to a frame IMHO.


How do you think social media platforms like Instagram have impacted how we eat?

Immensely. I think it’s a huge influencer platform, very dynamic and so visual. I like the way Instagram is constantly reinventing itself in small ways. Food on Instagram is definitely driving hunger pangs up. There is so much talent on this platform.


The trickiest food you’ve had to style?

It’s usually ice cream, but I remember a whole grilled fish that made me weep once.


A food trend you wish would go away?

I have no such wishes. One mans meat is another’s poison. Who am I to say?


A local restaurant where you think the food is always beautifully presented?

The Pullman Hotel in Aerocity, Delhi.


The best professional advice you ever received?

Keep reinventing yourself. Take imitation as a compliment. Your work stands out.


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