Family Finds: E-tailing, Soya Bacon, Gouda and Chips

The simple and not so simple pleasures we’ve been enjoying of late.

As a vegetarian who gave up meat, Yves soya bacon sorts out my bacon cravings. It’s SO good, that I think it tastes better than the real thing. Or maybe I’ve been vegetarian for far too long? They have ‘Veggie Bacon Strips’ and ‘Meatless Canadian Bacon’, both incredible. I get my stock from Canada (it’s a Canadian company) whenever family or friends visit so I’m not sure how one gets it here. Oops. I should mention that I usually dislike mock pork products, but somehow soya bacon is a winner. Definitely try it if you can!



I’ve been enjoying e-retail for food lately, it is great fun to be able to order goodies from across India at the click of a button. I chanced upon which allows you to order from a fairly large selection of traditional shops in various cities. These included Sweet and Namkeen Shops, Bakeries and some niche manufacturers. To my joy, I further discovered and The ordering and delivery have been without much trouble, and given my family’s love for namkeen and sweets, they are frequently ordered at home. From Sandesh from Ganguram of Kolkata, Shrewsbury Biscuits from the famed Kayani Bakery in Pune, to Ddoon’s Ellora Rusks, I am spoiled for choice! They have since expanded into local chocolates, pickles, masalas, papads, tea, coffees and much more. There is also a new entrant (maybe old, but I only discovered it recently) named, which I haven’t been able to try yet. Hope the trend continues and we get to benefit from more armchair culinary travels across India.



Henri Willig won the Super Gold at the 2015-16 World Cheese Awards. I can see why. This cheese has got to be amongst the most delicious ‘Red Chili Peppers’ Gouda I’ve eaten. The chilli is actually hot and is the perfect amount of kick that you need on your morning toast. The Dutch always get it right! If you’re passing through the Netherlands or even just Schipol airport, I’d highly recommend you try some.



Of the many, many potato chips that I’ve eaten, these have stood out. They are crisp and light, the flavour is not overpowering and the salt and vinegar are very balanced. That’s also why this one little bag may not be enough (for a long TV watching session). Any potato chip fan will tell you that kettle cooked are the way to go. Sorry Uncle Chips, I had to share this one!